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KALAHARI ARMS HOTEL IN GHANZI. The first choice for business associates and those who prefer more luxury...

THAKADU CAMP GHANZIWithout a doubt, Temba's suggested choice for people on self-drive holidays.

KHAWA SAFARI LODGEWell-positioned lodge just south of Ghanzi.

Ghanzi is cattle country. This part of Botswana is home to more than 200 cattle farms and produces 75% of the high-quality beef the country exports to the UK and the EU. Before the cattle farmers descended on Ghanzi, large herds of antelope roamed the countryside. The excellent physical condition of these animals led to the area being called “Gaentsii” (the Naro population’s word for “swollen buttocks”).

Ghanzi is also known as as the capital of the Kalahari and is situated on the Trans Kalahari Highway – north of Kang, 280 km south of Maun and 650 km from Gaborone. Ghanzi is close to the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and between the Reserve and town is a “no man’s land” buffer zone of 58 km between the predators in the Game Reserve and the livestock on the cattle farms. Ghanzi is the gateway to the Central Kgalagadi and a popular stopover for tourists on their way to or from Botswana’s Okavango Delta.

In August every year, the Kuru Dance Festival takes place in Ghanzi. This festival celebrates the traditional dance and song of the San-people and is aimed at preserving their unique way of life. If you are interested in San arts and crafts, look out for the shop of the Ghantsi Craft organisation, where you can find authentic jewellery, hunting sets, fire sticks and musical instruments, made by the descendants of these orginal inhabitants of the Central Kgalagadi.

Ghanzi offers a range of accommodation. The Kalahari Arms Hotel was one of the very first businesses in the area and rumour has it that the hotel has seen many a rough-and-tumble barfight in the day of the early settlers. Today the hotel offers luxury accommodation to tourists and business executives. Khawa Lodge is 4 km south of Ghanzi. Temba Travel recommends Thakadu Camp, just ouside of Ghanzi, where you can expect clean, affordable accommodation in a tent or chalet on a game farm.