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THE NEST HOTEL offers holidaymakers and business traveller luxurious accommodation in the most stunning beachfront position.

ZUM SPERRGEBIET with breathtaking views. This award winning hotel offers you a new dimension in comfort.

PENSION "ZUR WATERKANT" GUEST HOUSE - self-catering ( self contained ) facilities in Lüderitz

Lüderitz and it's Hinterland

Tourists are slowly but surely being drawn to the town of Lüderitz in Namibia.  Lüderitz is a fascinating old German-style town, full of character and rich in history.  You will reach the town of Lüderitz when travelling west of Aus.  Lüderitz is renowned for the notable German colonial architecture and one of the most beautiful buildings in Lüderitz is the Goerkehaus which was built in 1909.  When travelling towards Lüderitz, the landscape is characterised by seemingly never-ending plains which merge into the horizon.  Lüderitz, nestled among the rocky outcrops along the southern Namib coast, owes existence to the discovery of diamonds in 1908.  A railway worker found a sparkling gem stone in the sand and his supervisor was convinced that he had found a diamond.    The town of Lüderitz was then founded and enjoyed a sudden surge of prosperity.  However, today, diamonds are mostly found elsewhere.
Visiting the famous ghost town of Kolmanskop is very popular.  Kolmanskop is in the Sperrgebiet and is about 10 km inland from Lűderitz.   It was named after Johnny Coleman, who was a transport driver.  He lived in the tiny settlement of Aus at the turn of the century and during a fierce sandstorm he had to abandon his ox wagon on the small incline from where Kolmanskop can be seen.  There is also another ghost town, Elizabeth Bay, which is 30km south of Lüderitz.

The harbour is unusable for modern ships as it has a very shallow rock bottom, hence Walvis Bay becoming the centre of the Namibia shipping industry.  A new quay has been constructed which now makes it possible for larger fishing vessels to stop at Lüderitz.  The town itself has also been re-styled and includes a new waterfront area for shops and offices.

The Lüderitz area also has a variety of aquatic birds such as flamingos, cormorants and seagulls, which inhabit the shallow lagoon.  When taking a cruise in the bay, you often see dolphins and seals.  Lüderitz is also favoured for fisherman, for steenbras, dassie, galjoen and rock lobster.