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Mount Etjo Lodge - World famous resort and game reserve.

FRANS INDONGO - relaxation in an Africa ambience 

WATERBERG PLATEAU NATIONAL PARK - Now a world class luxury resort.

Otjibamba Game Lodge only four km from Otjiwarongo.

Otjiwarongo and Waterberg Plateau National Park

The Waterberg Plateau is an ancient, beautiful part of Namibia. It towers 400 metres above the surrounding plains and you can see it from miles away. The oldest rock stratum is 850 million years old and dinosaurs roamed these parts 200 million years ago. The San people were the first human inhabitants and you can still see rock engravings dating from several thousand years ago. The Waterberg region is also of interest to historians, because it is here where, at the beginning of the century, the Herero people lost their last heroic battle against the German Colonial forces. Today the Plateau is a haven for many of Namibia’s endangered species. More than 200 different species have been recorded here. It is truly a beautiful place and a hiker’s paradise. Here in the Waterberg region, Temba Travel recommends Mount Etjo Lodge, Frans Indongo, Waterberg Plateau National Park and Otjibamba National Park – all world-class accommodation.