View over Port St Johns

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Umngazi River Bungalows

UMNGAZI RIVER BUNGALOWS - luxury on the Wild Coast

The Glass House Port St Johns gLASS HOUSE lODGE pORT sT jOHNS

THE GLASS HOUSE - luxury guest house with a sea view

N,taba River Lodge
N'TABA RIVER LODGE - family accommodation on the river
Spotted Grunter Port St Johns
SPOTTED GRUNTER RESORT - fishermans heaven on the Umzimvubu River


Port St Johns, on the Wild Coast of South Africa, is a coastal village with unspoilt beauty. It is easy to see why they call Port St Johns the Jewel of the Wild Coast – it is truly spectacular and a wonderful place to visit. If you are driving from Durban to East London, rather go via Port St Johns than use the inland route.

The Wild Coast earned its name because of the stormy seas. Many ships ran aground in this area and there are many wrecks that tell their own tale of woe. The Grosvenor, running into trouble during a storm in 1782, is one such ship. It was believed that this shipwreck, near Port St Johns on the Wild Coast, contained vast treasures. Unfortunately, its secret still lies below the waters.

The huge Umzimvubu River runs into the sea at Port St Johns. In 1905 the river was still deep enough to have been considered as a harbour. Since then, however, the silting of the river mouth has become so profound that even small boats have a hard time crossing the sand banks.  

Port St Johns on the Wild Coast of South Africa provides opportunities for a varied and interesting holiday for couples, singles and families. Mountain trails and hiking routes, beaches for swimming and surfing, scenery to take your breath away, canoeing in the mangrove swamps, natural beauty treatments in the Isinuka sulphur springs, horse trails on the beach – even a 9-hole golf course! Port St Johns on the Wild Coast of South Africa has it all.

While you are in the area, visit the Blow Hole. However, be very careful as the rocks can be quite slippery. If you are unsure about the exact route to follow if you are exploring, please enquire at the Port St Johns Tourism Office for a knowledgeable and friendly guide.
The marine life in the ocean off Port St Johns is abundant and varied. The annual sardine run, which takes place around July, is something to see. Approximately 27 dolphin and whale species frolic in the waves off Port St Johns and it is always exciting to see a gannet diving into the surf to catch a fish. The winter months are good for fishing and you will probably be able to land a garrick, kob or grunter.

The first inhabitants of the area, the amaMpondo, settled here almost a thousand years ago. Today, you can visit the many working rural villages around Port St Johns on the Wild Coast of South Africa to experience the traditions, crafts (the beadwork is exquisite), food, dancing, music and way of living of the friendly Xhosa people.

Port St Johns on the Wild Coast of South Africa offers accommodation to suit every budget and taste. Temba Travel recommends the Glass House with its spectacular view across the bay, or Cremorne for a variety of options. The laid-back atmosphere of Port St Johns is also captured in the Ntaba River Lodge, Umngazi River Bungalows and Spotted Grunter Resort – all are highly recommended by Temba Travel.  

Spotted Grunter Umngazi River Bungalows