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Harare, the bustling capital of Zimbabwe, is also the most populated city in the country with a population of 1,542,813 (2019) citizens. This city was previously known as Salisbury, but had a change of name on 18 April 1982. Harare is named after the Shona chief Neharawa who carried the nickname of Haarari that loosely translates into “he who does not sleep”. It is believed that this quality prevented any of his enemies sneaking up on him to attack his kraal.

The very modern Harare is a multi-storied city with its tree lined street and is an interesting gateway to Zimbabwe. In this vibrant city, you will find cathedrals of both the Anglican as well as the Roman Catholic church denominations. The University of Zimbabwe that was established in 1957, is also situated in Harare.

At an elevation of ±1493m above sea level, Harare boasts with a very tolerable and pleasant climate. The city has all the modern amenities and the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (previously known as Harare International Airport) opens the way to international travellers. Distribution of the agricultural produce of the surrounding area is co-ordinated from the capital city of Zimbabwe. Important gold mines are also in the vicinity and add to the business possibilities.

Where accommodation is concerned, Harare has a wide variety. The Harare Cresta Lodge and the Jameson Hotel (built in 1959 and renovated in 1995 – to include modern amenities) are popular choices. The Rainbow Towers, previously known as the Sheraton Harare Hotel, is the most luxurious accommodation available in the city bowl with live piano music regularly heard in the foyer.

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