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Cresta lodge Harare

Cresta Lodge

 3 km from the CBD of Harare Zimbabwe. A luxury but affordable hotels.

Rainbow Towers Hotel

Rainbow Towers Hotel

 A luxury Five star hotel in Harare Zimbabwe.

Jamerson Hotel

The Jameson Hotel

 In the CBD of Harare Zimbabwe. Harare's most central hotel.


Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe, and is located on the central plateau of the country, making for a very pleasant climate. The city was previously known as Salisbury, named after the 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, one of Britain’s prime ministers. On 18 April 1982, the second anniversary of Zimbabwe’s independence, the name was changed to Harare, after the Shona chief Neharawa. This chief also had the nickname of Haarari (“he who does not sleep”), because none of his enemies could ever manage a sneaky surprise attack on his kraal.

The Kopje is a granite outcrop where you can enjoy a view of the city. There are many interesting places to visit, including the National Archives (containing diaries and reports from the pioneering times), the National Botanical Gardens (with more than 900 species of trees), the Mukuvisi Woodlands (with 277 hectares of preserved woodlands), the National Gallery (with Shona soft-stone carvings) and, of course, the flea market at Mbare.

Accommodation in Harare include the Harare Cresta Lodge (centrally located and offers value-for-money accommodation), the Jameson Hotel (already built in 1959 but renovated in 1995 to include all modern amenities) and the Rainbow Towers Hotel. The latter used to be known as the Sheraton Harare Hotel, but since 2006 it is owned and managed by the Rainbow Group. The Rainbow Towers Hotel is the most luxurious and you will be able to enjoy live piano music in the foyer.

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