Distances in Zimbabwe


Stunning landscapes and picturesque scenery, a climate spanning from sub-tropical paradises to invigorating mountain air, bountiful wildlife, and a profound connection to the enigmas of the past – all these attributes encapsulate the essence of Zimbabwe. Visit Hwange Safari Lodge to experience the wildlife in Hwange National Park.


Bordered by Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, and South Africa, Zimbabwe embraces a friendly populace. Despite numerous economic challenges, the Zimbabwean people boast one of Africa's highest literacy rates, an impressive ± 87%.


The Great Zimbabwe Monument presents an enthralling glimpse into history, evoking a sense of wonder as you explore the myriad walls and passages of this ancient city's ruins. The region offers an extensive selection of lodging options such as Great Zimbabwe Hotel & Lodge at the ancient city. Clevers Lakeview Resort, a boutique establishment, provides a personal touch and a range of accommodations, from self-catering family units to budget rooms and camping facilities.


Within Zimbabwe, you'll encounter one of the world's grandest waterfalls. The resounding roar of majestic Victoria Falls occasionally reverberates from distances of up to 50km. Even the mist generated by the falls is visible from afar. Sprayview HotelAzambezi River Lodge and Ilala Lodge are good options for accommodation. The Kariba Dam features a hydroelectric station that supplies electricity to both Zambia and Zimbabwe. Caribbea Bay Hotel is a luxurious hotel in this area.


Upon crossing into Zimbabwe via the South African border post at Beit Bridge, your initial point of interest is the Matobos, home to the final resting place of the renowned Cecil John Rhodes. This landscape of rock and thorn trees is a photographer’s haven. Granite Ridge Lodge offers excellent accommodation options in this vicinity.


Zimbabwe provides a wealth of lodging choices, catering to various preferences. The options for activities are abundant: sightseeing, exploring art galleries, perusing craft markets, and curio shopping in the cities. Some of the city hotels are Rainbow Tower and Churchill Hotel. In the wilderness, you'll find luxury lodges and remote camping opportunities, each affording ample chances to witness diverse wildlife. The sprawling savannahs, adorned with migrating herds, are awe-inspiring, and fly-fishing thrives in the numerous rivers and dams.


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