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The Matusadona National Park lies on the southern banks of the gigantic Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe. Lake Kariba is not a natural lake, it was man-made by damming the mighty Zambezi River where it borders Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Lake Kariba has some legends of its own, the most well-known being the displeasure of the River God, Nyaminyami, on the damming of the Zambezi. It is said that Nyaminyami showed his fury by causing the devastating floods of 1958.

The Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe is bursting with wildlife and is a destination where you can view the game during walking safaris, boat and canoe excursions, as well as game drives in four-wheel drive vehicles.

The Matusadona National Park has high numbers of huge Nile crocodiles, so if you want to meet one of these prehistoric creatures, you know where to go. In fact, there are so many crocs in the Matusadona National Park, that the Zimbabwe National Parks Board allow croc farms to collect eggs during October. Because of the large number of crocs in the Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe, swimming is not advisable (except when you do it in a cage off one of the houseboats that are available).

Elephants love cooling down in the water, so in the Matusadona National Park you will be able to see the fascinating sight of them merrily swimming along. Hippos are also in abundance. Many species of antelope, as well as lion and black rhino are also seen very often. If you are into fishing, the Matusadona National Park offers good bream and tiger fishing.

The sunsets in the Matusadona National Park are known to be spectacular. Add to that the many dead trees, drowned during the initial building of the dam, where cormorants and fish eagles love to perch, and you have the recipe for taking exquisite photographs of the Matusadona National Park in Zimbabwe.