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Nyanga mountains in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe is home to a very different National Park. No sub-tropical bushes and hot climate, but rather quite similar to the Scottish Highlands. Cecil John Rhodes was bowled over by die beauty of the Nyanga area and in 1896 asked his agent, one McDonald, to “quickly buy a piece of land before it’s all gone.” Rhodes bequeathed this piece of land to the people and this led to the establishment of the Rhodes Inyanga National Park – today known as the Nyanga National Park.

Located in the Eastern Highlands part of Zimbabwe, Nyanga is a very popular tourist destination offering golfing, hiking, trout fishing, beautiful waterfalls and towering mountains. Mount Nyangani is the highest mountain in Zimbabwe, and is situated 15 km from Nyanga town and towers 2600 m into the clean, crisp air. The Mtarazi Falls, near Nyanga, are the highest waterfalls in the country at 760 m. The Pungwe View gives visitors the opportunity of looking down on the spectacular Pungwe Falls, as well as the gorge of 10 kilometres.

The area surrounding Nyanga offers a multitude of artefacts dating from the Stone Age and Iron Age, as well as structures, pathways and ruins linked to organised agriculture. The farming community in the Nyanga area is very interesting – it is estimated to be 400 years old and these ancient farmers built the Nyahokwe ruins, the Ziwa ruins, the pit valleys as well as the stone structures.

Apart from trout fishing, golfing, hiking, pony trails and game viewing in the Nyanga National Park (lion, leopard, hyena and a variety of antelope), Nyanga also offers exciting river rafting and kayaking. To participate in these water sports, it is better to plan your journey to be between August and December, because the water levels are lower.

The Troutbeck Inn near Nyanga offers accommodation of a very high standard with a “country club” atmosphere. Think cream scones, locally grown tea, a fireplace and trout-fishing in the resort’s own lake. The Inn on Rupurara is a smaller establishment, but has won, amongst others, the Best Country Resort from the Association of Zimbabwean Travel Agents. The Pine Tree Inn reminds one of an Alpine resort because it overlooks a beautiful wooded valley and mountain tops. The Pine Tree Inn is renowned for its cuisine and the 5-course dinner offered every evening is legendary.